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+ Motorcycyle Accessories Series

- Motorcycle Cylinder

- Motorcycle Spark Plug
- Motorcycle Piston

- Motorcycle Piston Ring

- Motorcycle Air Cleaner
- Motorcycle Carburetor
- Motorcycle Muffler
- Motorcycle Helmet
- Motorcycle Clutch
- Motorcycle Transmission
- Motorcycle Chain
- Motorcycle Kick starter
- Motorcycle Magneto
- Motorcycle Ignition Coil
- Motorcycle Regulator&Rectifier
- Motorcycle CDI Unit
- Motorcycle Starter Relay
- Motorcycle Battery
- Motorcycle Speedometer
- Motorcycle Headlamp
- Motorcycle Turn signal lamp
- Motorcycle Rear combination lamp
- Motorcycle Trumpet
- Motorcycle Switch Assy
- Motorcycle Grip
- Motorcycle Lock set
- Motorcycle Fuel Cock
- Motorcycle Oil Tank
- Motorcycle Rim
- Motorcycle Tire/Inner tube
- Motorcycle Wheel Drum
- Motorcycle Brake Sets
- Motorcycle View Mirror
- Motorcycle Top Case
- Motorcycle Fender
- Motorcycle Wheel Sets
- Motorcycle Shock Absorber
- Motorcycle Handlebar
- Motorcycle Sprocket
- Motorcycle Bearing
- Motorcycle Other Parts
+ Automobile Accessories Series
- Auto Gasoline Filter
- Auto Ignition Coil
- Auto Air Compressor
- Auto Handle
- Auto Voltage Regulator
- Auto Intermittent Relay of Scraper
- Auto Electronic Ignitio
- Auto Lock
- Auto Brake pad/shoe/lining
- Auto Ignition Module
+ Electric Bikes Parts
- Electric bike motor
- Electric bike controller
- Electric bike Accelerator
- Electric bike Charger
- Electric bike Battery pack
- Electric bike tire&wheel sets
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Hangzhou Ruiyi Industrial Co.,Ltd
Tel: 0086 571 83383290
Fax: 0086 571 82486132
Company Address: Chennan Village,Suoqian Town,,XiaoShan, HangZhou ZheJiang, China
Company Introduction

HangZhou RuiYi Industrial Co. Ltd,a famous rubber seal supplier in the world, which ?set up in 1999,located in XiaoShan industrial zone where is only 20KM away from China famous and beautiful city-Hangzhou, specialized in the design, development, production and sale of motorbike rider helmet, luggage and all kinds of accessories.We had accumulated abundant owning many experience, caused and trained all kinds of professional technicians, have numerical control shaping equipment of internationally advanced computer and pursue to put the production line , have possessed the rich economic strength.
A good benefit comes from the internal scientific management of an enterprise. Our company always focus on innovation and development,we have a research team.So far RuiYi continues to watch the right manager,right technology and nice products. As a rule at today, the result from competition is for the quicker developed enterprise to win at last. Therefore we have to speed up the strategic decision, new product promotion, information spread, property and capital circulations

Management Philospohy

people-oriented, integrity management, high-quality products and good after-sale service of sincerity, enjoying higher reputation in the national trade in this line, commercial networks of the products spread all over all parts of the country, still devoted to the open-up of the international market, the products find a good sale, Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa ,etc.Such being the case, motorcycle accessories occupy most of the market share at home or abroad and enjoy great reputation.

Look out the future

In order to further expand domestic and foreign markets, the company will continue to pay close attention to product quality management, and the spirit of "relying on science and technology, to quality, excellence, strict management" approach, to strengthen scientific and technological input, resource allocation and new product development. In order to meet the market needs of economic development, take advantage of the opportunities to enter into WTO, the company all staff in line with product quality-oriented, quality people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, and strive to expand the market network, is committed to build corporate image and strive to premium brands . At a future date, we will continue creating beautiful , brilliant tomorrow hand in hand with the idea of sincerity and internal and external old and new customers of sea!


Quality policy:
Scientific management and all staff participation to make quality products.
Civilized production and keeping improvement to let customers satisfied.
Quality target:
Get the certified rate in the inspection of each lot of the parts purchased in up to over 98% .
Make great efforts to get it up to over 99% in three years .
Get the certified rate in the final once calibration up to over 99% .
Control the yearly complaint rate from customers within 2 thousandth.
"Getting quality in line with the world standard" is the aim for this Co. to follow. In order to further enhance the product quality and market competitive capacity and promote the quality control to get on a new stage, the first-rate brand operation andsincere service ideas as well as the reliable ISO9001 international quality control system to realize a century skip and create a new brilliance of Hengfeng.
This Co. has set up a perfect, scientific and effective quality control file system from quality policy, quality manual to the program file of quality system and other quality files and records and carries out effective correcting and pre-protecting measures to perfect the all links concerning quality, including market operation, product design and development, process plan and development, purchase, manufacture, inspection to post-sale service, making the overall quality process in a controlled status all the time.

Contact Us
Company Name :Hangzhou Ruiyi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Address: 1# Zhongyu wanhao Square, ShiXing N.RD,XiaoShan, HangZhou ZheJiang, China
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